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Supplier / KMSAT Registration V3

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Supplier / KMSAT Registration

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1. Are you a current supplier to Gulfstream? *This question is required.
This form is for existing suppliers only. If you wish to submit your company profle for future business opportunities, please use our SUBMIT COMPANY PROFILE form.
If your require temporary access, please put N/A for the vendor code.
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NOTE: If you require temporary access for the purposes of document distribution you must select Supplier Portal below or your form will not be accepted.
Knowledge Management Tool (KMSAT)
Knowledge Management is a process tool for information/data sharing and collaboration among Gulfstream functional organizations, business units and Suppliers using LiveLink. Eligibility: In order to get access to Knowledge Management, you must be an active and a quality approved supplier.

If you select KMSAT, you will receive access to both systems.

Supplier Portal
By using Supplier Portal, you will be able to retrieve various reports including Inventory, Open Purchase Orders, Quality Assurance, Invoice, etc.

Which of the following systems are you requesting access to? *This question is required.
(If the buyer is unknown select "Not Sure".  If the buyer is not listed select "Other (not listed)").
(Please enter buyer name.)
What is eAdmin responsible for? eAdministrator will provide GULFSTREAM with a list of names of those individuals that require initial access and will also update the list of names to indicate when individuals have been removed from the list. In addition, eAdministrator will notify GULFSTREAM if and when the individual is restricted from access to certain data folders. GULFSTREAM in turn will provide eAdministrator with passwords for each individual so that the individual may access the Internet site.

At this time, you will be able to request access for up to 10 individuals. For additional users, the eAdministrator will identify individuals within their organization, who should have access to the information through the Internet site, using GA Form 3653 (This form can be found in your KMSAT Livelink folder upon gaining access to KMSAT Livelink), Knowledge Management Supplier Access Team Request.
This question requires a valid email address.

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